Growth Rings
The idea of growth rings goes back several years. In 1989 when I bought my property at St-Jean-des-Piles in the Mauricie region I thought of creating ring shaped works and planting a tree at the centre of each. This idea evolved to its current form. These rings can be made of several materials which provide different life spans. Wooden rings disappear quickly while stone is quite permanent.
The first ring I made was of terracotta and was placed around a young Red Oak I had planted. It bears the following inscription "Quercus Rubra L", Red Oak, 200 to 300 years, 60 to 90 metres in diameter. This ring was installed in the woods the summer of 1998. After more than a year of exposure to the elements it does not appear to have begun to deteriorate.
Spring 1998
Summer 1998
Winter 1998
Autumn 2010
Growth Ring 1, Quercus Rubra L. Terracotta, about 50 cm. in diameter. 1998
From December 1998 to February 1999, in collaboration with the French artist Karl Grant, I made a second ring for a Red Oak. This sculpture was made of glass pasteand installed in a forest in 1999.
Growth Ring 2, Quercus Rubra L. 2,Glass paste , 48 cm in diameter. 1999
In the spring of 2002, during my first visit to Taiwan, I made a growth ring for a Camphor Tree. The Camphor is a noble tree that is long lived and can attain a majestic size. The sculpture was installed in Mei-Shan on the property of Wang Wen-Chih, a Taiwanese sculptor friend.
Growth Ring 3, Cinnamomun Camphorea, Terracotta, 1.5 m in diameter. 2002
This ring was started in 2004 has been installed in the forest in 2008. Carved out a section of Canadian Hemlock, he was placed around a sapling of the same species. This wood is known for its resistance to rot. After a winter sculpture fell on the ground split into two pieces.
Growth Ring 4, Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr., Canada Hemlock, Diameter 69 cm. 2008
Growth Ring 5, Populus tremuloïdes Michx., Poplar, 46 cm diameter. 2008
I anticipate making other growth rings for trees growing on my property, as well as for tropical species that attain enormous diameters.