Rose Window
This sculpture was created for my master's degree in 1995-96. The Rose Window was inspired by Gothic cathedral history. The final installation in a forest gives a contemporary view of society's relationship to nature, in which ecology is a new religion. This design is made of 184 concrete pieces. The spaces between the concrete segments are planted with moss or contain colored crushed stones. Maples have been planted in each of the twelve external circles which will become the columns and ceiling of this circular temple. Time and natural cycles are integrated into this living sculpture. I intend for a different version of the Rose Window to be installed on my land.
First sketch of The Rose Window
This sculpture has been shown twice in galleries; the first time for my master's degree at CNE in Jonquiere (Quebec) and a second time at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in December 1996.

The Rose Window and other elements at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, 1996

In fall 1996, I began to transport concrete elements onto my land . This work was interrupted by a huge rain storm that destroyed the main culvert which allowed access my land. Although this work was intended to be located on my property, it was finally installed at La Gabelle Park during the first edition of the sculpture symposium Cime et Racines in 2000.
Rose Window, Parc Nature La Gabelle, summer 2000
autumn 2000
winter 2000
summer 2007
autumn 2008