The River of Time
During my Master's studies. I concentrated on the idea of creating a sculpture garden on my property at St-Jean-des-Piles in the Mauricie region. I saw this as a life-long project. Because the central element of this work is time, I decided in May 1994 to represent time with a shape and material. I got the idea of cutting a small round stone in half every day. It was a simple gesture whose repetition ended up creating a work that gives substance to time. This was the genesis of The River of Time.

The River of Time , first version with stones cut in two every day since May 1994.

Initially these stones were presented en mass in the form of a straight line. They were exhibited three times in this way. The first time was at Shawinigan's Centre des Arts in the summer of 1995, then at Jonquière's Centre National d'Exposition in January 1996 for my Master's exhibition and finally at the Paul-Émile Borduas Atrium at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in December 1996..
The River of Time , third version,
Atrium Paul-Émile Borduas, UQTR, 1996
In early 1997, after noticing the disappearance of some stones (that had been polished) as well as dealing with the growing difficulty of moving and storing this work, I decided to place the stones in containers. The memory of wire mesh that I had seen during my first trip to Italy led me to choose wire mesh boxes. Each box contains a month of materialized time and the month/year are identified. I started to build wire mesh boxes and place the cut stones inside.
The River of Time , three months.
These mesh cages for The River of Time became modules, permitting me to create geometric shapes for the following exhibitions. For the show at the 15th anniversary of Silex and the next show at the Grave Centre in Victoriaville in fall 1998, this work was presented in a spiral of mesh boxes, containing all the stones cut since May 1994.
The River of Time , 52 months
Atelier Silex, September 1998
The River of Time , identification.
In the fall of 1999 I began to permanently install this work in my forest. I decided to make a circle for every two years of stones: 24 interlinked mesh crates which comprise my biennale of contemporary art. Every two years the work will grow four inches taller.
The River of Time , St-Jean-des-Piles,
autumn 1999
The River of Time, St-Jean-des-Piles,
winter 1999
The River of Time, St-Jean-des-Piles,
spring 2001
The River of Time, St-Jean-des-Piles,
spring 2010